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Kestrel History

Kestrel temperature controlled services was formed in 1990 by Graeme and Jannette Still specifically to provide a solution to the problem of sending temperature critical samples throughout the UK and Europe.

In order to achieve this to the highest standards of service, what is believed to be one of the first ever car derived vans with positive deep freeze refrigeration was commissioned. This vehicle was destined to retire after 3 years service with over 365,000 miles on its clock.

The company was soon to identify emergency deliveries as an area of need within the food industry and 3.5 tonne and 7.5 tonne vehicles were commissioned to fulfil this niche.

From the beginning the company has operated with strict quality policies which mean that all drivers are employed by the company and wear a uniform including tie, this means that unlike most transport operators the company does not ever use agency staff. Similar rules apply to sub-contracting and hiring vehicles. These policies are strictly adhered to, and although they deny some options operationally, they do ensure that kestrel have total control over the work they do and can maintain the highest levels of quality service.

Kestrel have consistently been at the forefront of new ideas and development within the refrigerated LGV sector with many of the suppliers and manufacturers using the companies vehicles to achieve some of the most rigorous testing possible.

In 1995, in order to establish a firm base for continued growth the company purchased and moved to a 16.5 acre site outside Grantham, Lincolnshire, with direct access and just less than a mile from the A1. Since then 2 new cold stores have been built along with the administration centre necessary to support the operational activities of a busy hub. Customers are sometimes surprised to find out that the company runs solely from a central site, one gentleman in Edinburgh took some convincing after seeing our vehicles on the cities ring road on three consecutive mornings.

To date, Kestrel vehicles have made deliveries throughout the EEC and also to Poland and Hungary. Air freight is also handled with both frozen and chilled samples being sent to Hong Kong, the US and Canada.

The companies phone lines are manned 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and we have been asked (and declined) to make deliveries on December 25th. Well, everyone deserves one day a year off and Santa gets paid more than enough to do the lot himself.

The staff at kestrel are well used to dealing with difficult situations, remote delivery points, and time critical work. It is amazing how often we have a vehicle in just the right place to save someone's bacon, or any other product! So next time it appears impossible consider a Kestrel.

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